Winning Semalt Strategies For Retail PPC In 2021

It's a new year, and we are glad we all made it. But as a new year unfolds, we require new and improved ways to ensure that your ROI on your website beats your expectation. For years, we've seen how beneficial paid searches can be. However, it is time to brush off the dust on old strategies and introduce new ways to get the most from PPC. 

Growth comes with change, and many times the individuals that take up these developments first often benefit the most from it. These strategies are coming to you early in the year so that you can properly equip yourself for the New Year. As always, Semalt is here to not only educate but also help you. As SEO experts and web managers, we can help your website get to the top of your industry. 

As retail advertisers and businesses, we will be employing these strategies to ensure that your visitors enjoy better shopping experiences. Now you might be scared of changes, especially with SEO, because staying with a working but outdated strategy seems to be the safer option than taking on new ones. However, last year taught us all valuable lessons. We must learn to adapt quickly and grab hold of new opportunities. Take Amazon and MoneyGram, for example: while businesses around the world crumbled, they grew. Now learn from that.

If you are an e-сommerce retailer and you've been stuck to using the basis of SEO like keyword-only targeting, this article is meant for you. We will be highlighting only four of our key PPC strategies for retailers of all sizes. 

Strategies you should employ for PPC Success in 2021

Smart Shopping Campaigns

This is a special combination of standard shopping strategies with display marketing campaigns using automated bidding and ad placement. This is an excellent elixir for ensuring your product gets the best promotions this year. 

As a retailer, we advise that you try this immediately, and if you do not know how to get around it, you can always come to us for help. It is important you test Smart Shopping campaigns as a retailer and transition over some of your product groups to enjoy its full benefits. 

From our experience, we can confidently say that these campaigns are good and relatively safe bets. That is because Google will prioritize smart Shopping campaigns over the standard shopping campaign. So when you run a smart shopping campaign, and your competitors run a standard shopping campaign, you automatically become the priority to Google. 

Smart Shopping campaigns are designed to run across all networks. This means that your ads will be displayed on Gmail, Google's Display Network, and YouTube.

With Smart Shopping campaigns, we've enjoyed great results, so it's something we always look forward to doing for our clients. We are also shocked and try to convince clients when they opt not to try it. We believe part of the problem is Smart Shopping is perceived as remarketing, and not everyone is ready to leap into the unknown. Many websites or businesses will prefer remarketing because it's an easy win. This steals away the need for Smart shopping. Many clients we've come across think that remarketing is almost as beneficial as Smart Shopping. We try to educate them by informing them that remarketing and Smart Shopping isn't quite the same things. Smart shopping offers more to your SEO campaign than typical remarketing. 

One reason why some SEO professionals tend to downplay the benefits of Smart Shopping is that you have to give up control to an extent. With traditional shopping campaigns, you are bound to succeed as long as you're able to get in the weeds and exercise control at the most granular level. With Smart Shopping, you're forced to do the complete opposite. You have to give up that control. This usually is not something that settles well with any professionals because we have developed a great pride in our ability to dig into granular data. 

Regardless of how you may feel about Smart Shopping, it is truly a great way to succeed, and you wouldn't write it off without giving it a shot. It would be better to test the waters, and if you don't like what you see, you can always return to your standard shopping campaigns. 

Discovery campaigns

We first saw discovery campaigns in 2019 by Google before they rolled them out worldwide later on. Discovery ads are a special type of native ads in Google feeds such as Watch Next Feeds and YouTube home. It also appears in the Google Search app and Gmail promotions / Social tabs.

These ads fit certain retail businesses perfectly. Studies show that about 86% of people online are in need of shopping ideas and inspiration while watching videos and exploring web content. 

Discovery campaigns go a long way in attracting users' attention while they are online. Now they may be doing other things, so these ads are usually large and rich in content, so they get the attention they deserve. Subsequently, Google has developed more stringent requirements for featuring these ads. Google warns that they will review each Discovery ad with certain special requirements. These requirements are not as tolerant or forgiving as other ad guidelines.

An example of the strict requirements of Google's ads is that the images used in Discovery ads mustn't be blurred, disoriented, or poorly cropped. As with Smart Shopping, this extra scrutiny may make some SEO professionals uncomfortable, which is why not everyone uses Discovery ads. Again, when using this campaign, you will have to give up control over device targeting, bidding, rotation, placement, and some other settings. 

If you're planning on staying ahead of your competition, you have to try new things. Now, this wouldn't mean that you do away with your previous strategies, but instead, you include this gradually and see how it catches on. We've been experimenting with these campaigns for a while now, and we are getting encouraging results, which is why we recommend them to our clients. 

Microsoft Advertising Network

Have you ever considered using Microsoft Advertising as you seek more audience to your website? If you haven't, well, now is the time. In the spirit of transparency, you may not get the same quantity of sales volume or revenue, but the ROI makes it worth all the effort. 

One reason why we advise you to try this is that you do not see many professionals advertising with Microsoft. This means there are more goodies to go round the few websites that do. 

There isn't much to say about the Microsoft advertising network, considering that its main advantage is the small number of users. That being said, you should try it out and see how well your website benefits from it. 

Microsoft in Market Audience

When setting up ad campaigns in Microsoft accounting, you should consider giving its In-Market audience feature a try. Microsoft describes In-market audiences as a curated list of customers who have indicated purchase intent signals in a particular category of products. This list is developed from culturing information gotten from searches, items clicked on Bing, and page views on Microsoft services. 

What's cool about this Microsoft feature is that Microsoft also now has a seasonal in-market audience list. They released it just in time for the holidays. These audience lists are made up of people who are most likely to buy and have shown interest in particular seasonal trends and events such as Black Friday, Christmas sale slash, and so on. 

We understand that Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Black Friday have passed, but who says those are the only seasons that promote a sale? Valentine is right around the corner, Carnival, Holi, and Easter. All these celebrations can be used to boost your retail sales. Now is the perfect time to start developing your advertisement strategies. 


By all indications, Semalt is prepared to ensure that your website is in the best conditions this year. Our partners are already benefiting from our services and you can as well. Our services in combination with our knowledge on online retail marketing ensure that every website in our care gets the most attention and dedication. 

There are a lot of potential benefits her as these strategies guarantee your success. For advertisers planning to run audio ads campaigns as well as video, running targeted ads to ASMR fans is a great way to start. 

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